SNI Winter Hackathon 22



It was during the weekend of February 4 to 6 that the hackathon. it is created by Sovereign Nature initiative, took place. SNI aims to reimagine the relationship humans have with nature. How then to reconfigure the intersection between ecology, economy and emerging technologies in order to open our minds to radical approaches towards sustainability. It is around this reflection that this event took place.

it is therefore in an incredible metaverse created by odyssey momentum, partner of Sovereign nature initiative, that we were able to meet. We have joined forces, created and innovated to combine biomimicry, promote third-place remediation and explore new technologies such as web3 and blockchain. 

The goal of this hackathon was to « develop ideas that enable the representation of non-human life, establish governance models, and empower ecosystems to act in their own interests and to produce and capture the full value »



De Ceuvel is a district located in Amsterdam. It is a field of experimentation for innovation, enhancement of life, and creativity. Their goal is to create possibilities, and to imagine tangible, accessible sustainability. Their experiments over the past eight years have opened new doors to phytoremediation, ecological design and new urban system.

IBMed is happy to announce distinguished and awarded in SNI 2022 Winter Hackathon for the most collaborative team during the hack !

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